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Como concejal, Yassamin ha defendido la asequibilidad de la vivienda, la acción hacia la protección climática, derechos hacia la libertad reproductiva, los derechos de los trabajadores y la educación, con resultados comprobados. 

Fighting for working families is central as to why Yassamin ran for city council in the first place – and will remain so as she takes her fight to Congress.

Women’s rights and their bodily autonomy have been under attack across the United States and in Arizona. 

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Yassamin passed an ordinance to direct the Phoenix Police Department to make harsh state abortion laws its lowest priority for enforcement to protect doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients from arrest for practicing and receiving basic healthcare. Yassamin believes that women’s access to reproductive healthcare is a vital tool for empowering women’s health, autonomy, and financial choice. 

In Congress, she will support policies that:

  • Protect a woman’s right to choose by codifying Roe v. Wade
  • Support for the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Fund the Violence Against Women Act 

Read my full Reproductive Rights & Women’s Health Plan.

Our democracy is under attack. We must not take it for granted and do everything to fight against the forces trying to disenfranchise the voices of everyday Americans. As the daughter of immigrants who were displaced by persecution and a brutal theocratic and authoritarian regime, protecting democracy is personal to Yassamin. 

To restore and strengthen our democracy, Yassamin will support:

  • The Freedom to Vote Act, which ends partisan gerrymandering, cracks down on dark money in politics, establishes automatic voter registration, and combats voter suppression. 
  • The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would restore the strength of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
  • Ending the Jim Crow-era filibuster and expanding the U.S. Supreme Court, so that our democracy can work for everyday people, not just the powerful and rich.
  • Prohibit members of Congress from stock trading, so that those who govern aren’t able to use private information to get wealthy
  • Curb the revolving door in Washington by creating new regulations to prevent former Members of Congress from becoming lobbyists.

The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. As a climate policy expert, Yassamin has pushed for international solutions to climate change at the United Nations and led bold efforts to clean up our air and water in Phoenix. 

She passed the city’s landmark Climate Action Plan, created the first Office of Heat Response and Mitigation in the nation, and built a coalition on the city council to unanimously pass the city’s ambitious Transportation Electrification Action Plan, ushering in a clean energy future for Phoenix. She also spearheaded a plan to electrify Phoenix’s bus fleet by 2040, reducing our carbon emissions and improving air quality in the city. 

In Congress, Yassamin will lead and support policies that: 

  • Accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy
  • Increase investment into building resilience to climate impacts
  • Work directly with FEMA to declare heat as a natural disaster to unlock resource management capabilities to support our district
  • Stand up to Big Oil who have tried to stagnate and roll back President Biden’s climate policies, including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Create new jobs that will help grow a greener economy and lead efforts for a “just transition” for the millions of workers currently employed in the fossil fuel, manufacturing and automotive industries

Read my full Climate Plan.

In Arizona and around the country, we’re facing a historic housing shortage – Yassamin is a pro-housing champion with a record of getting things done to lower rent and housing costs.  Experts estimate that Arizona is 270,000 homes short of what we need to keep up with our growing population. This directly contributes to high housing costs, our recent spike in homelessness, and will have detrimental effects to our economy if we don’t take bold action. Building more housing so we have the supply we need will be a top priority for Yassamin in Congress.

On the Phoenix City Council, Yassamin worked to prioritize housing solutions and has delivered for us by directing over $120 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding to projects supporting affordable housing and homelessness including rental assistance which has helped over 19,000 families, helping approve a record number of new housing units, and by leading the effort to legalize casitas. 

In Congress, Yassamin will continue this work by supporting policies that:

  • Pass historic levels of funding to build affordable housing and increase the supply of Housing Choice Vouchers
  • Work with local communities to make it easier to build all types of housing through comprehensive zoning reform
  • Prevent evictions by helping families remain in their housing and end source of income discrimination
  • Incentivize social housing projects that house a mixture of income levels
  • Assist municipalities as they work to tackle homelessness with funding for wraparound services, shelters, and transitional housing

Read my full Housing & Homelessness Policy Plan.

Our LGBTQIA+ community has spent decades tirelessly fighting for their rights but we have seen a surge in anti-LGBTQIA+ laws in recent years. Yassamin will continue to fight for a world strengthened by our diversity, where our laws and society treat all people equally. As a Phoenix City Councilwoman, Yassamin was a relentless advocate for our LGBTQ+ community. She hosted an annual Pride On The Block festival in downtown Phoenix, most recently in November 2023 during Trans Visibility Week, to raise funds for organizations like One N’ Ten and the Southwest Center for HIV & Aids, and directed millions in investments to nonprofit organizations serving this community. In Congress, she will support:

  • The Equality Act, which prohibits discrimination in housing, employments and public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender identity 
  • Respect for Marriage Act, which ensures and protects marriage equality
  • Banning Conversion therapy on LGBTQ+ folks, especially minors
  • Telling the U.S. Census Bureau to count LGBTQ+ people

Labor unions uplift the middle class and help the working class build economic power. Strengthening unions and workers’ rights is fundamental to building an equitable economy. That’s why as a Councilwoman and Vice Mayor, Yassamin helped lead the charge to raise wages for thousands of city employees – from firefighters and police officers to bus drivers and librarians – and voted to pass a historic prevailing wage ordinance in the City of Phoenix. In March 2024, she led the charge to pass Phoenix’s Worker Heat Safety Ordinance, a first of its kind policy that will help protect 10,000 outdoor workers from extreme summer heat. 

Yassamin believes that collective bargaining is a vital mechanism for economic progress and will support the following policies in Congress:

  • Fund enforcement mechanisms of labor laws
  • Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act
  • Promote prevailing wage laws established by the Davis-Bacon Act
  • Ensure Community Workforce Agreements

Many Arizonans are feeling left behind in today’s economy with their wages not keeping up with rising living and healthcare costs. We need to prioritize building an economy that benefits everyone. We need to replace our trickle-down economy with one that focuses on strengthening the middle class and expanding economic mobility. 

To build an economy for all, Yassamin believes economic growth should be built on the foundation of the following principles and policies:

  • Increase the federal minimum wage
  • Strengthen worker power by supporting workers’ rights, collective bargaining and organizing 
  • Stand up to greedy corporate interests and crack down on price gouging to lower costs for working families
  • Support a green, sustainable and modernized economy that in turn creates well-paying jobs of the future
  • Lower the cost of healthcare, housing, and childcare through permanently expanding the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Keep taxes low for working families and senior citizens, while ensuring the wealthy also pay their fair share to invest in vital public services
  • Prevent corporate monopolies and mergers that give too much control to too few and harm consumers
  • End homelessness through investments in accessible, affordable housing
  • Support small businesses by expanding resources for small business owners and investing in our communities
  • Tax the wealthy. It’s time for a comprehensive tax system that benefits working people and ensures the top 1%, Wall Street, and large corporations pay their fair share.
  • Lead the way in the blockchain and crypto innovation. By leading and establishing guidelines to innovate, we can make sure we protect consumers and create more equitable access for all.

Raised by immigrant parents, Yassamin fully understands the value our immigrant communities bring to our nation’s culture, economy, and spirit. Yassamin has always worked to support immigrant communities, and created Phoenix’s first Office of Refugee Support to help families access employment, healthcare, and housing services. Migrant families should no longer be treated as political pawns and they deserve comprehensive immigration reform. While DACA needs continued support, it is a product of years of inaction and congressional gridlock. We need holistic and comprehensive immigration reform now.

In Congress, Yassamin will support:

  • The American Dream and Promise Act, the American Families United Act, the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act, and the New Deal for New Americans Act.
  • Making legal counsel for refugees and immigrants more accessible

Access to education is a vital tool for Americans to empower themselves and their communities, but Arizonans face high barriers to entry with the quality and costs of education. On the Phoenix City Council, Yassamin worked to provide young people with the opportunity to pursue higher education by establishing the Phoenix Promise – a scholarship program that supports 800 low-income students in pursuing a community college education. She will continue to advocate for education in Congress by supporting policies that: 

  • Support our public schools through increased funding for students and teachers to meet their full potential
  • Forgive student loan debt so that younger generations can use their education to work towards economic freedom
  • Expanding rural broadband access for students and teachers

Policy Plans

Climate Plan for a Greener, Safer Future

Glendale, Guadalupe, and Phoenix are on the front lines of climate change, extreme heat, and water scarcity, and it’s up to our generation of leaders to take bold action to save lives and ensure a safe and healthy quality life for the decades to come.

Federal Economic Prosperity Plan: Small Business Advancement

In our first plan, we address the ways in which our minority-owned small businesses face barriers to their economic success, and the ways in which we can advocate for systemic change from the top down to ensure that everyone has access to the same resources.