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What Voters Need to Know

Updated: June 24, 2024

Voters with a Democratic Primary vote history in AZ-03 need to “Meet Democrat Yassamin Ansari” and hear her story as “the progressive leader we need to take on MAGA Republicans and deliver for us in Congress” in mail and on Meta as soon as possible, as the majority of voters will be voting the first two weeks of July.

Yassamin Ansari has been a leader on climate action at the United Nations and on reproductive freedom in Arizona. As a Phoenix City Councilwoman and Vice Mayor, she raised wages for thousands of working Arizonans, legalized casitas and in-law suites, pushed for zoning reform to increase affordable housing, and expanded resources to reduce homelessness. Endorsed by pro-choice leaders and the majority of labor unions in this race, including firefighters, first responders, and teachers, we can trust that Yassamin will keep delivering for us in Congress.

She’s the only candidate who has gotten things done for us and has the experience and record of accomplishments to bring that progress to Congress:

  1. Yassamin is 100 percent pro-choice and when the extremist Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Yassamin took bold action as City Councilwoman to protect women and doctors from attempts to arrest women and healthcare providers. That’s why she’s endorsed by abortion rights advocates throughout Phoenix.
  2. Yassamin believes that every voter should be able to vote and that every vote should be counted, and in Congress she will protect voting rights and our democracy.
  3. Yassamin served as a senior advisor at the United Nations to tackle climate change, and as a Phoenix City Councilwoman and Vice Mayor, she passed important legislation to clean up our air and water and address extreme heat. 

If all voters with a Democratic Primary vote history in AZ-03 have sufficiently read and seen on Meta all of the above, voters with a Democratic Primary vote history who are Hispanic and over the age of 50 would also benefit from reading in mail and seeing on Meta when they receive ballots that Phoenix Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari is the only candidate in this race who has taken action to reduce homelessness in English and Spanish.

  • As Phoenix City Councilwoman, she provided rent and utility assistance to struggling families, expanded emergency shelter beds and transitional housing, and created Phoenix’s Office of Homeless Solutions.
  • Ansari is the only candidate in this race who has gotten anything done on housing, having legalized casitas and in-law suites and pushed for zoning reform to make housing more affordable while Phoenix Vice Mayor

Democratic primary voters also need to immediately read in mail and see on digital, including OTT/CTV, that Raquel Teran is focused more on playing politics than on delivering results for working families. She has taken thousands of dollars from MAGA Republican donors, including top Republican strategist Stan Barnes who has spent years advising Kari Lake. Barnes has worked to elect other MAGA extremists like Paul Gosar, David Schweikert, Andy Biggs, and Martha McSally – and now he’s supporting Raquel Teran.

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