2022 in Review

I am incredibly proud of the year I had serving District 7.

My team and I spent time in every corner of the district. We hosted more than 20 resource fairs and events, handled hundreds of constituent cases and secured millions of dollars in new investments for my district.

It is an honor of a lifetime to serve Phoenix on the City Council and I am eager to continue on as your councilwoman. Will you help me continue serving District 7 with an end of the year contribution?

Here are a few of our many wins for Phoenix that stand out:

✅ The Council passed a resolution to direct Phoenix PD to make harsh state abortion laws its lowest priority for enforcement so that doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients will remain out of jail for practicing and receiving basic healthcare.

✅ We mobilized District 7 to provide feedback on the newly passed $500 million bond that will lead to stronger community services, affordable housing improvements, pedestrian and traffic safety initiatives, flood control projects in Laveen and South Phoenix, energy efficiency projects, heat mitigation and more for residents.

✅ The council added 9 new positions to our newly established Office of Homeless Solutions, 475 shelter beds, and $107M in new investments for our unhoused residents.

✅ I championed the newly passed plan to electrify Phoenix’s bus fleet by 2040, reducing our carbon emissions and improving air quality in the city.

✅ I represented Phoenix on a panel of mayors speaking about climate change and cities’ responsibility in responding and adapting at the UN climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

✅ My office helped secure a $25 million dollar investment from the Department of Transportation to build pedestrian and bicycle-friendly infrastructure that will better connect our residents. Secretary Pete Buttigieg even came to Phoenix to celebrate with us!



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