Former Phoenix Vice Mayor Ansari Delivers Decisive Victory in First AZ-03 Primary Debate

April 17th, 2024
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In Last Night’s AZ PBS Debate, Ansari Demonstrates A Track Record Of Delivering For Arizona’s Third Congressional District

PHOENIX, AZ – After finishing with more than twice as much cash on hand as the next competitor ($902,409 to $447,986) for the second quarter in a row, the Ansari campaign continues to outpace the competition, having garnered the majority of union support in this race and leaving last night’s debate as a clear winner.

Campaign Manager Pasquale Luz issued the following statement:

“Vice Mayor Ansari’s clear win in last night’s debate showed voters in Arizona’s Third Congressional District why she has the experience, the policy knowledge, and the campaign to continue to deliver for them in Congress. Vice Mayor Ansari is the only candidate in this race who has taken on the big fights and delivered time and time again for the community. On the Phoenix City Council, the Vice Mayor protected abortion access, raised wages, and addressed our housing crisis. As an advisor at the United Nations, Yassamin stood up to corporate polluters and delivered on climate change with the Paris Climate Accords. The Vice Mayor continues to show why she will be a strong legislator on Day 1 for Phoenix and Glendale in Congress. 

Full Debate 


Opening Statement 

“As the youngest woman ever elected to the Phoenix City Council and as the Vice Mayor of our city, I protected abortion access and raised wages for thousands of workers. That’s why I’ve been endorsed by the majority of labor unions in this race.”



“We also became the first city in Arizona to enact a prevailing wage ordinance so that the hard working individuals who are building our city can actually afford to keep living here.”



“There was a bipartisan bill supported by our President, supported by our current Congressman and Donald Trump is the reason we don’t have that. When it comes to the border and when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform, we have to move beyond political games and we have to elect lawmakers who actually want to get things done.”


Closing Statement

“From the U.N. to the Phoenix City Council, I have taken on extremists and delivered real results at every juncture of my career. When the Supreme Court came for our bodily autonomy, I took action at the Phoenix City Council to protect doctors and patients in our city. I have passed actual policy with real world impacts on climate change, job creation, public safety, and housing affordability. ”





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