Arizona State Senator Flavio Bravo (LD26) endorses Yassamin AnsariFor Congressional District 3

[Phoenix, June 8, 2023] – Phoenix Vice Mayor and Congressional Candidate Yassamin Ansari earned the endorsement of Arizona State Senator Flavio Bravo to serve their shared constituency in the U.S. House of Representatives. Senator Bravo was recently appointed to replace State Senator Raquel Teran after she stepped down.

“I wholeheartedly support Yassamin Ansari for Congressional District 3,” Bravo said. “As someone born, raised and elected in this district, I believe it’s important that leaders from my generation step up and address the most urgent problems our country faces. Yassamin has a record of real accomplishments for our community. She’s passed Phoenix’s first Climate Action Plan, expanded bus services in Maryvale and Estrella, and established the Phoenix Promise program to help 800 low income students afford community college.”

Vice Mayor Ansari said, “I’m incredibly honored by Senator Bravo’s endorsement. Getting the support from someone who is so deeply embedded in the community, speaks to the tremendous momentum our campaign has. He works with passion, empathy and resolve for his constituents and to earn his endorsement, only makes me want to work harder on behalf of those that deserve a voice in Congress. As I’m going door by door over the coming months, I hope to prove this to the residents of Congressional District 3… just as I proved this to Senator Bravo through my work as a Councilwoman and Vice Mayor.”

Bravo added, “Arizona’s hard working families are being left behind in this economy and they deserve a leader who understands this. Yassamin is that leader. She’s smart, tireless and effective as a policy maker. Yassamin will continue to get things done for our district and that’s why I’m supporting her candidacy for Congress.”



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