Former Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari Releases Statement on Arizona Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold 1864 State Abortion Ban

April 9, 2024
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Ansari promises to take action in Congress as she’s done in the Phoenix City Council

PHOENIX, AZ – Today, Arizona’s State Supreme Court released their decision to uphold the 1864 state abortion law that bans abortion in nearly all cases and makes performing an abortion punishable by two to five years in prison. 

Former Phoenix Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari issued the following statement:

“Abortion is a human right. Upholding a ban on our bodily autonomy – a ban that was created before women could vote – is not justice. This ban endangers the lives of women and their children. That’s why, when Roe was overturned, I led the charge to direct the Phoenix Police Department to make enforcement of Arizona’s abortion ban their lowest priority — because no doctor, nurse, patient or pharmacist should go to jail for providing or receiving basic healthcare. We’re watching firsthand what extremist Republicans like Trump and his MAGA allies will do when they’re in power – ban abortion nationwide. We need to restore Roe v. Wade, pass the Arizona Right to Abortion Initiative, and make sure women have the right to an abortion.”




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