Phoenix Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari Out Raises All Four of Her Congressional District 3 Opponents Combined

[Phoenix, July 17, 2023] – Phoenix Vice Mayor, Yassamin Ansari, raises over $502k in the first quarter of her Congressional campaign, all without taking a cent from Corporate PACs. This historic fundraising haul out raises her four opponents’ collective total. Her fundraising total this quarter is historic in that it also sets the quarterly fundraising record for this congressional district. A review of FEC finance reports going back to 1992 (first cycle FEC reports) indicates no incumbent or candidate has raised this much money in a quarter for this congressional district.

Ansari’s diverse donors include local teachers, social workers, public defenders, housing advocates, small business owners, nurses and many others representing the grassroots of Arizona and beyond. Of all Ansari’s donations, nearly 50 percent of them were $50 or less and 60 percent were $100 or less.

“Vice Mayor Ansari outraising all four of her opponents combined is a testament to her unmatched work ethic and her overall commitment in proving to voters she’s the right leader for Phoenix and Glendale,” Campaign Manager Josh Zaragoza said.

He added, “The Vice Mayor understands the urgency and pressure Arizona families are feeling from rising living and health care costs, and she will apply that same level of commitment and hard work she does with campaigning to Congress. And like she’s done on the Phoenix City Council, she will deliver big policy wins like more jobs with better wages, affordable housing, climate action, safer communities and Medicare for All.”

The recent endorsements of leaders like State Senator Flavio Bravo and State Representative Stacey Travers, coupled with Ansari’s historic fundraising haul truly underscores her grassroots momentum. Her people-powered campaign and policy wins for her community while on the Phoenix City Council proves she is prepared to serve in the United States Congress.



Yassamin will never put big funders ahead of working families. That’s why she refuses to accept corporate PAC money. Help fuel our campaign.

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